Judith Ripka

Judith Ripka Ltd. is an American luxury jewelry brand that appeals to women of impeccable taste worldwide. Over the brand’s 37 year history, it has become known for an immediately identifiable design DNA rooted in a timelessness and tradition which will appear forever modern.  Known as the Queen of Hearts, Judith Ripka incorporates a matte finish, texturing, vibrant color, and, of course, hearts into almost every design.  The attention to craftsmanship and materialization are evident in the intricate detailing and use of the highest quality stones and metals. Available in the fine department and specialty jewelry stores around the world, Judith Ripka Ltd. 18k Gold and Sterling Silver designs have been worn by notable celebrates such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Hudson and Rose Byrne.  A favorite among fashion trend setters, celebrities and style conscious women everywhere, the brand continues to strengthen and Judith’s popularity continues to soar. Judith Ripka Ltd. was ranked as one of the top five fine jewelry brands in the US by Women’s Wear Daily in 2013, and is perceived as one of the most desirable and trusted luxury jewelry brands in the world.

Ms. Ripka serves as Chief Designer for Judith Ripka brands, a division of Xcel Brands, and oversees design and design direction. Among her many milestones, Ms. Ripka was chosen as one of “The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World” and received the DeBeer’s Award for Outstanding Jewelry Design. As an avid philanthropist, Ms. Ripka was also honored with the prestigious Albert Einstein Spirit of Achievement Award.

In 1996, Judith was asked to design the Inauguration pin that Hillary Clinton wore to her husband’s swearing in ceremony.

Judith’s passion for design and entrepreneurial spirit were evident from an early age, but it was a friend’s request to redesign a strand of pearls that was pivotal in launching the company. The design, known simply as the PN1, became an instant hit and remains an iconic piece in the collections even today. Almost immediately Judith gained a loyal following and became known for her timely but timelessness design sensibility. She designs each piece with certain constant features so that collections from 20 years ago can be worn with those of today.

Judith was a virtual pioneer, debuting on QVC in 1996 and more recently on The Shopping Channel in Canada in 2014. With these collections, Judith offers her devoted clients affordable luxury and the same versatility and interchangeability for which the brand is well-known. Combined with her personal style, elegance and warmth, the exquisite, high quality designs have won over audiences in both markets.

Since its inception the company has evolved into an international business, with corporate headquarters in New York City. Taking cues from her busy life as wife, mother and grandmother, Judith continues to design every piece, sourcing stones and finding inspiration whether traveling abroad, or simply walking the city streets.